#gistribe An online global network of GIS geeks, ninjas, students, & pros

What we do: Chat online every week about the latest geo developments, news, software, & more
 When: Every Wednesday at 12 pm PST, 1 pm MST, 2 pm CST, 3 pm EST, -800 GMT
Where: On Twitter, using the hashtag #gistribe 
Who: geo tweeps from around the globe

The #gistribe chat is a weekly hour long chat on Twitter where anyone can follow, join in, and contribute to their heart's desire. It was formed as a platform for people interested in GIS (geographic information systems, geospatial tech, applications, or otherwise "geo") to join a supportive global online community to meet other like-minded people, learn from one another, discuss interesting topics, troubleshoot, & inspire. We talk software, tools, code, problems, solutions, tips, tricks, books, maps, & more. The sky is not the limit, because, well, that's just too limiting...

If you need more direction on how to join a Chat on Twitter don't fret, there are plenty of resources to get you started. A hashtag is a predetermined alphanumeric sequence that begins with a pound sign, in this case "#gistribe" (minus the quotation marks). We keep track of the conversation by adding the characters "#gistribe" to each tweet designated for the chat. To follow the conversation, you can  search the hashtag on Twitter.

If you prefer using a different platform like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or Tweetchat, you can create a column in your feed and search the hashtag so you can follow along easily. Pick a platform and get to the chat Wednesdays at 12 PM Pacific Time.

Twitter Chats 

You can find most of our chats archived on Storify.  A few are linked below:

GIS Tribe chat 9 archive  
05.07.2014, The one where we talk professional development, user groups, certification, cartographic inspo & more.

05.21.2014 The one where we share loads of  resources for learning GIS and oh so much more

GIS Tribe chat 12 archive
05.28.2014 Ways to connect online- IRC, google hangouts, maptime, mapping tips, weather, & more

GIS Tribe chat 13 archive
06.04.2014 Cartographic tools, colors, color blind mapping, fonts/typography, Illustrator, data driven pages, story maps, least-cost paths, and, if you can believe it, more....

GIS Tribe chat 14 archive
06.11.2014 Discussing our upcoming hangout, GIS, the ESRI UC, Mapbox, Bing, Google Maps, coding, Arcbrutile, IT, BI, open source Web clients, & shameless plugs.

GIS Tribe chat 15 archive
6.18.2014 Discussing trail editing, award winning maps, maptime, hackathons, peer-based learning, teaching gis, & more.

GIS Tribe chat 16 archive
06.24.14 discussing webmapping APIs, apps, maps, & more.

GIS Tribe chat 29 archive
10.01.2014 What interactive mapping platforms do you love and why, what exactly is kriging, and what programmers really mean when they say.....

GIS Tribe chat 34 archive
Archive for 11.07.2014 The one where we talk about GIS programs in higher education, funding masters research, updates to our 1st map challenge, logo design ideas, prizes, and more!

GIS Tribe chat 36 archive
11.19.14 The one where the tribe answers fill in the blank questions about GIS in rapid succession in honor of GIS Day!

GIS Tribe chat 39 archive
This week we debate the merits of MapBox, CartoDB, CartoCSS, FOSS, tell you how to ace your next job interview, how we got into GIS, and more...

GIS Tribe chat 40 archive
12.18.14 That time when you wanted to get more coffee but the #gistribe chat was just sooooo good.....cartographic principles, styling webmaps, Comic Sans, the mythical GEOpdf & more....

GIS Tribe chat 42 archive
01.07.2015 In the first chat of 2015 we dive into open source geo, what it is, what its used for, how you can learn and use it too! We touch on QGIS, PostGIS, Open layers, SAGA, GRASS, R, Mapbox, and more. Lots and lots more.

GIS Tribe chat 44 archive
01.21.15 The one where we talk with the author of ArcGIS Web Development, express web mapping opinions, talk QGIS in schools, emergency services, call for mapping UFO investigations, and discuss....the weather?

GIS Tribe chat 46 archive
02.04.15 We talk text editors, the union of Google and ESRI, map analytics, geo marketing terms, geo slang, ArcGIS Pro, and more...

GIS Tribe chat 47 archive
02.11.15 The one about servers, blog hosting sites, neocartography, internships, and... geo haikus!

GIS Tribe chat 48 archive
02.18.15  The one where we talk about our humble beginnings in GIS, our dream workstations, the usefulness of professional certifications (GISP whatnow?), and as always....shameless plugs.

GIS Tribe chat 49 archive
this week #gistribe "trends" on twitter while talking dark warlords, map design, AGOL, 3D, and debate the pronunciation of QGIS....

GIS Tribe chat 50 archive 
the one where we interview Silas Toms about his latest GIS book, discuss Python in GIS, our first maps, arcpy, QGIS, Monty Python quotes & more.... 

Google Hangouts

Learn How You Can Get Involved With Maptime.... our first google hangout on air took place on June 18, 2014.


Still can't get enough?  Check out #GISTri.be, the official not-so-official #gistribe blog where we have more chat archives, rants, alerts, info about our map contests & other upcoming events, and more.

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