Wanna talk #GIS? Join the #GIStribe Chat! Wednesdays 12 to 1 pm PST

What: GIS Twitter Chat 

A social network of GIS geeks, ninjas, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, and professionals
When: Wednesdays at 3pm EST / 12 pm PST 
Where: Hosted on Twitter using hashtag #GIStribe

Who: People from all over the world interested in GIS

The #GIStribe chat is a weekly hour long chat hosted on Twitter where anyone can follow, join in, and contribute to their heart's desire. It is designed to help people interested in GIS become part of a supportive global online GIS community to meet people, learn from each other, discuss interesting topics, troubleshoot, and inspire. We talk software, tools, code, problems, solutions, tips, tricks, and more. The sky is not the limit, because, well, that's just too limiting...

If you need help with how to join a Hashtag Chat don't fret, there are plenty of resources to get you started. A hashtag is a predetermined alphanumeric sequence that begins with a pound sign, in this case "#GIStribe" (minus the quotation marks).  

We keep track of the conversation by adding the characters #GIStribe to each tweet designated for the chat. To follow along, you can do a hashtag search on Twitter. If you prefer using a dashboard interface like Hootsuite, or  Tweetdeck,  most will allow you to create a column in your feed using a search that will display all the tweets with this hashtag so you can follow along easily. For those of you who need help narrowing it down more,  Tweetchat is a tool that will let you view only the hashtagged tweets....the list goes on. Pick one and let's chat!
To contribute to the chat, be on Twitter (or your preferred alternative) on Wednesday at 12 PM PST, search for #GIStribe, and remember to type #GIStribe in your tweets.

Join the tribe and get chatting!


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