Passing the #gistribe Torch

Today marks two years since the very first #gistribe chat- the one that we didn't even archive because we had no idea that the #gistribe chat would take off the way that is has, bringing together geospatial professionals, newbies, and students from around the world, and serving as a great resource and professional gis network.

Many of you know that all along the way I've been trying to make this a leaderless movement, one that's inclusive, organic, and not in any way mine, but ours. And now that the tribe has become so well established, I'd like to make that official.

Sure, I'd still like to participate in the chat and other events as my schedule allows, but I'll no longer be promoting the chat, sending out reminders, preparing topics for discussion, inviting special guests, or orchestrating related events. Its up to you, the members of the tribe, to carry on the traditions, bring questions or topics for discussion, and decide where you want to take the #gistribe next. After all, you're the new leaders of #gistribe.

Thanks for a great 2 years! 


  1. Thanks for all you've done, Emily. Your name is synonymous for me with all the interesting folks and facts I've come across at the Tribe, but no reason it should stay that way. I appreciate your carrying the torch!

  2. E, Thank you for taking the time, energy and efforts to make #gistribe what it is. Without your energy, it would have died like a thousand other twitter chats.

    You have brought this community together in a way few have, and simply put, thank you doesn't cover it.


    1. Thanks @spatial_punk, its a great community to be a part of!