Hangout with GIStribe and Maptime!

I'm excited to announce GIStribe's first google hangout! The hangout is taking place Wednesday, June 18th (201)! We've invited one of the organizers of Maptime to be our featured speaker, followed immediately by a Q&A session. If you to to the event page, you can submit questions ahead of time or you can even chime in during the hangout, by posting your questions and comments in the Q&A window on the right side of the screen. Another option is to post them on twitter with the hashtag #GIStribe, and I'll read them aloud and give you a shout out during the hangout.

Maptime is a growing community organized around learning and bringing people together in pursuit of open source geospatial education- that is sweeping the nation. Maptime groups are popping up in major cities across the U.S. Their open learning environment is designed for mapmakers from all skill levels, offering support for everyone from beginners to experts. Join the hangout to find out how you can get involved or start a chapter in your community, within or outside the U.S.

For more information about Maptime, visit their website.

The hangout will be broadcast live at 2 pm PDT, two hours after our regular chat time. I'll still host our regularly scheduled weekly chat on twitter from 12-1 PDT where we talk GIS, mapping, and all things geospatial. If you can't make it to the hangout, don't worry, the video will be archived and  available for viewing shortly after the broadcast.

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