Montana managers working for connectivity

The Missoulian posted an article today about a part of Montana where managers are working to secure a wildlife corridor across a polluted, developed valley to ensure connectivity between mountain ranges. Large herds of elk and bighorn are crossing the highway, though they do so amidst dangers ranging from cars traveling at high speeds to more urban barriers like fences and continuous tracts of housing. A Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologist has spent the past year aligning pieces of federal, state and private support to put a 30-acre plot into public hands, where it will provide the missing link for the wildlife corridor. The funding comes from a settlement over the toxic atrocity created by mine tailings that are so nasty that they can "never be cleaned up." It's a shame that we've created big toxic messes on this lovely planet, but I am glad to see that innovative managers are helping wildlife to find a way around it!

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